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An Emotional Backyard Wedding in Fergus, Ontario | Sharelle + Chrizam

Sharelle and Chrizam had a beautiful backyard wedding at a friend’s place in Fergus, Ontario. Their wedding day was full of family and friends. That is one of the reasons I love small weddings and elopements. Being surrounded by those closest to you and being free to be yourself. You could feel the love throughout the whole day. From the excitement of all the guests to the way, everyone helped out with the wedding planning and setup.

Did I mention Sharelle and Chrizam (basically Sharelle) planned their wedding in a week? Sharelle has some amazingly support people in her life who jumped at the chance to help her plan her wedding day. From finding vendors and helping to set up to allow her to borrow their property for the wedding day celebrations. It was amazing to see her community come together and support her.

Sharelle and Chrizam got married under a wooden arch decorated in flowers. Their ceremony was full of love, laughter and unique touches that made it so special. Afterwards was an impromptu receiving line because everyone was so excited to congratulate them. You could feel the love and joy throughout the backyard wedding.

We decided to stay on the property for all the photos so that we could take tons of photographs with their guests. After some hilarious wedding party photos, it was time to Sharelle and Chrizam to sneak away for wedding portraits.

Wedding portraits are my favourite time of the wedding day. Not only because they offer so much creativity, but they offer the couple some time alone to take in the moment. To celebrate the fact that they are married and to feel all those feelings. Sharelle and Chrizam’s wedding portraits were full of sweet intimate moments. They were also full of laughter, jokes and the excitement of being married.

Backyard weddings are some of my favourite weddings to photograph. They are relaxed, unique and filled with so much love and laughter.

Florals by Urban Jungle Cambridge. Makeup by Pavle Pogrmilovic. Welcome sign by Love Daze Designs.

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