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See examples of my work, my editing style and why I love photographing small weddings, elopements and couple sessions.



Couple Sessions

I am a wedding + elopement photographer based in Niagara and Kitchener, Ontario but I travel across Canada and some international destinations. I spend a month every June in Banff, Alberta. If you are looking for location-specific photos in my photography portfolio, check out my blog, I have full sessions organized and named by specific locations. If you have a favourite location that you want to be photographed in that's great! If not, no problem, I have a long location list of my favourite photography locations. I spend time scouting out great photography locations both digitally and physically to give you the best options.

Photography Portfolio: Why is it important?

Photography portfolios are important because it gives you an idea of the photographer's style, how they work with couples, how they work with light and how they edit photographs. This is important because I want to serve my clients to the best of my abilities and I want my clients to love their photos. Looking through a photography portfolio gives you a chance to see if you connect with my work and style.

As you look through my portfolio look at my editing style, do you like they way I edit the photographs? Things like skin tones? The fact that I am not 'light and airy'? That I edit a bright moody style that uses shadows? Do you like that I have some posed photos but a lot of my photos involve movement, emotions and real smiles? I will give you some instructions but my focus is getting to know my clients and what's natural to them so that I photograph their personalities too. I know the times of day that get the best light but I can photography you looking good in any lighting situation. Is that important to you?

Photography Portfolio: Galleries

Below you will find galleries with examples of my work organized under categories. Each gallery not only gives you photos to view but it explains a bit more about why I love those types of sessions, how I serve my clients and my approach to photographing my clients.

Couple Photography

In-Home Couple Photography Sessions Niagara and Kitchener, Ontario


Wedding Photography

Destination Adventures

Eloping in Ontario, Banff and across Canada


Anniversary Sessions

Couple Photography

Engagements Photography

Couple Photography

Adventure Couple Photography Banff, Canada + Beyond

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