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Born in Ontario I was raised between Victoria, B.C and Niagara, Ontario. I never spent longer than three years at the same school until university. I am a pro at packing, road trips and travelling in general. These skills have served me well being a Niagara wedding photographer that travels across Ontario and Canada.

I attended the Aegean Center for the fine arts for silver and digital photography. Located on Paros, Greece we spent a month in Italy travelling to learn about art history using a more hands-on approach and I discovered my love of Botticelli paintings. My approach to small weddings and elopements came from my time in Greece. This is where I fell in love with storytelling, using light and shadows within a photo. I learned that landscapes can be used to help tell a story and that photographing people is more capturing their emotions, their movement and their essence than getting them to stand still and yell cheese.

I have travelled to 11 countries, 9 provinces and over 30 states before attending university. I went to the University of Waterloo studying business, peace and conflict studies, political science and Spanish. During university I worked for other photographers as second shooters and associate photographers, I have photographed over 120 traditional weddings. While finishing up my last year of university, I got carbon monoxide poisoning and fell down a flight of stairs fracturing vertebrae within two months. I suddenly had time, space, my thoughts and my camera for my recovery.

Starting my business came out of that time-period and niching down to small weddings and elopements was a non-negotiable for me. So here I am multiple courses, workshops, stylized shoots, travels and weddings later growing a business as a destination wedding photographer that I love and working with the best clients.

A girl laughing at the beach in Hawaii. She is an Ontario based Wedding + Elopement Photographer.

Get to know me personally: interior design lover

I am passionate about interior design, I am often looking up blogs and Pinterest finding inspiration for my current and future homes. I love making places feel like home, improving their function and matching their architecture.

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Get to know me personally: dog lover

I love dogs and have yet to find one I do not want to pet. Ask about the time I tried to pet a drug dog when I was a kid, haha.

My dog, Sadie, is a rescue and we have been taking care of each other for 10 years now.

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Get to know me personally: celiac aka gluten-free

Also, I am celiac, meaning I cannot have gluten, so, I am always on the hunt for gluten-free restaurants. I am passionate about baking, whether that is making family recipes gluten-free or finding new gluten-free goodness to try out, I am all about the baking.

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Get to know me personally: Provincial + National Parks

I love to travel, that is not a secret. One of my goals is to visit all the National Parks in Canada and to visit as many of the Provincial Parks as I can. I am focusing on Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon to start. Check out the blog for posts about my trips

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Chantal Davidson Photography

The purpose of Chantal Davidson Photography is to help couples create wedding photos that they will want to look at for years to come. I help people see themselves so that they feel empowered and inspired in their lives. I am a destination wedding photographer that is Ontario based that travels for weddings across Ontario and Canada.

My business stands for:

  • A wedding that is about the couple and not societal or family obligations
  • Diversity
  • Everyone is welcome here
  • You are enough, welcome and loved.

My business is all about:

  • self-love
  • being helpful
  • being intentional
  • storytelling with light, landscapes and art

Below you will find articles that dive deep into my business approach, experience and the importance of continuing education to help serve my clients well.

Travelling is a big passion of mine, I knew I wanted to see the world before I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I have literally been travelling my whole life, from road trips as a kid to visiting the Carribean as a teenager, to my first trip without the parents when I was 15. After high school, I travelled to Italy & Greece, studying Fine Art Photography and completed my first solo trip to Crete. I guess it is not that surprising that I ended up becoming a destination wedding photographer.

My point is I love to travel and do it regularly because I love it. I still take personal trips to see new places, to scout out locations and to visit dear friends. I love the fact that I now travel for my business as a destination wedding photographer but don’t get me wrong; I still take personal trips, next up back to Australia.

When I travel for business as a destination wedding photographer I plan for two nights when travelling within Ontario. And three nights when travelling across Canada (incase of travel delays, time changes and time for scouting locations). Most international destinations I plan for four nights, though I usually pair these with other business trips or personal trips depending on the time of year. The good news, my travel fees for all conventional travel (flight, Airbnb/hotel, car, gas +food) is included in the package price. You can find out more information on my pricing page and get a customized pricing guide by filling out my contact form.

I have listed the places I have visited for personal + business trips as well as a bucket list of places I plan to visit below. From coast to coast, from the Rocky Mountains to the Kluane Ranges and all the wine countries in-between. From Europe to South-East Asia to the Oceania region. There are so many places I want to explore and photograph.

Here are a few specific examples,

Canada: Tobermory, Blue Mountains, Muskoka, Algonquin, Banff & Jasper, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Waterton Lakes Provincial Park, Victoria, Okanagan Valley, Atlin, Kluane Provincial Park.

Worldwide: Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Iceland, Bali, New Zealand and Australia.

Past personal trips have included travelling across Canada, travelling to over 50 states in the USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Aruba, Guatemala, Italy, Greece and Australia.

Past Photography Trips have included Italy, Greece, Mexico, Kluane Yukon and Banff Alberta.