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What is a small wedding?

A common misconception of small weddings is that a small wedding means having a cheap wedding or that somehow it’s less meaningful. That’s completely wrong. Having a small wedding or elopement also doesn’t mean that you think big or traditional weddings are wrong. I think there is this idea out there that to photograph or have a small wedding you have to be against big or traditional weddings.

I am a photographer that specializes in small weddings and elopements but I am not against any type of wedding. Getting married is a big deal and should be celebrated the way you want. So while I specialize in small weddings and elopement I appreciate the value, planning, and beauty that are put into big traditional weddings.

For me it’s not about a big wedding vs small wedding, it is about letting go of obligations that don’t have meaning to you personally. Weddings used to be about specific traditions and obligations to society and family, but now you have options for how you choose to get married and that is what I am all about. Being able to let go of societal and family obligations and have the freedom to plan a wedding day that you will love.

I am not here to give you a set in stone definition of what a small wedding is, what I can give you is my opinion on what I believe a small wedding is. When I think of small weddings I think of getting married in a place that’s meaningful to you, that’s more relaxed, cozy or intimate. Maybe for you, that’s a vineyard or a cabin or maybe that’s being out in nature, a hidden spot with a great view. Be creative and dream up your perfect day, what does it involve and wouldn’t it be great if it was your wedding day. There are so many ways to have the wedding day of your dreams.

A small wedding can still mean good food. You can still have a catered meal, or eat at a restaurant or rent out a food truck. If food is important to you and important to your wedding day than make it a priority still. I dream of a food truck at my wedding 🙂 A small wedding can still have first dances, or parent-child dances if that’s important to you then take some time for it with some planning and a Bluetooth speaker you can dance wherever your wedding day takes place.

My point is you get to decide what’s important to you, what traditions you want to keep and what traditions you don’t want to have on your wedding day. For some people a small wedding will be only immediate family, for others it will be close family and friends, or just their close friends that have become their family. Some small weddings happen in a vineyard, some at a family cabin, a wedding can happen at an Airbnb or in a provincial or national park. Small weddings give you the freedom to be creative because you have fewer people to plan for and around.

You get to decide what kind of wedding you want, who you get to invite and what your wedding day will feel like. So be creative, dream up a wedding you can revel in.

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