Contact Chantal Davidson to book wedding photography

I respond to emails within 24-48 hours but honestly, during the workweek, I typically respond within the hour unless I am time blocking a project and restrict my internet use. I am excited to help you with this process to book wedding photography.

I am a business that has expenses and payroll obligations but I got into photography to work with amazing couples. If you think we would be a great fit and respect my work, time and business but I am out of your budget, send me a message I am willing to talk about budget restrictions.

My work email for inquiries is chantaldavidsonphotography@gmail.com but my backup email is info@chantaldavidson.com.

If you want to stalk me on social media check out my Instagram and Facebook pages. If you want some wedding and elopement planning tips, check out my blog filled with planning resources. I am here to help you with your wedding photography journey and a big part of that is your client experience including your book wedding photography experience.

Business Culture. What do I stand for?

A wedding that is about the couple not societal or family obligations.




Everyone is welcome here


You are enough, welcome, loved. 

Favourite Moments of the Wedding Day

One of my favourite moments is when the couple gets some time alone after the vows are exchanged. We take portraits of the couple but I love to give them privacy – use a telephoto lens and have the couple soak in the moment alone. They did it, committed their lives together, they got married and they get to celebrate it.

Those soft smiles, closed eyes, the look of peace and happiness, those real smiles. A bit of shock, relief and the giddiness, the moment they come back to themselves like okay let’s start the rest of our lives together.