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Elopement + Small Wedding Venues in Ontario

a couple kissing in the woods on their elopement day. Wedding venues in Ontario.

Choosing to have a small wedding or elopement is an act of bravery. Knowing what is best for you, even if it goes against societal expectations, can be scary at first. I am here to help. One of the most common questions I get asked is about wedding venues. Are their wedding venues in Ontario that cater to small weddings and elopements?

There are so many resources for how to plan a big traditional wedding. Need help deciding on a venue? A quick search will supply you with so many options that cater to the big traditional wedding plans.

That isn't the case when you decide to have a small wedding or elopement. There isn't always information readily found on which wedding venues in Ontario offer small wedding and elopement options. These wedding venues guides help you navigate wedding planning when choosing to have a more intimate wedding or elopement.

This wedding venue in Ontario guide is a space for you to find wedding venues in Ontario. Explore the options they have for elopements and small wedding packages. The wedding venue guides are organized by region. You have wedding venue options from vineyards and boutique hotels to urban industrial spaces. We have partnered with venues with different styles and packages to customize your plans to your personal needs.

I hope you can bring your small wedding or elopement to life in a meaningful and beautiful way. You can find more resources for planning a small wedding or elopement on my blog.



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