What are your options for rescheduling your wedding due to the coronavirus?

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Update March 30, 2020 - Ontario limit gatherings to five people max.

"Based on the best advice of Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Ontario government is issuing a new emergency order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act to prohibit organized public events and social gatherings of more than five people, effective immediately."

"Organized public events include parades, events including weddings, social gatherings and communal services within places of worship. This order replaces a previous emergency order which prohibits organized public events of over 50 people."

These quotes are taken directly from the Ontario newsroom website.

Rescheduling your wedding and the coronavirus: Elope and have a big wedding later

Rescheduling your wedding and the coronavirus, the topic I wish didn't exist but it does so let's figure this out together. There has been more and more talk of elopements so that couples can still keep their wedding date but celebrate with friends and family at a later date. This is such a great option for couples who chose their wedding date because it has a special meaning to them. I know couples who have gotten married on their dating anniversary, or on a date that had special meaning to their relationship. So if you are affected by the virus you could consider eloping on your wedding date to make it legal, but also so incredibly beautiful, committing your lives to each other and declaring your love for one another with only your officiant, witnesses and hopefully a photographer. Another idea would be to video the elopement to share or live stream to friends and family so that they still feel apart of your wedding day.

I know this can be an overwhelming and emotional time. But this could be a reason to wear your wedding dress more than once 🙂

Rescheduling your wedding and the coronavirus: Marriage licenses

This is a great option if you already have your marriage license because it is only valid up to 90 days from the date it was issued. To read more information on getting a marriage license in Ontario check out this website, click here.

If you haven't gotten your marriage license yet, your city municipal building might be closed due to the coronavirus. You can find your local municipal building/website by clicking here.

This is taken directly from the city of St. Catharines website, "The City of St. Catharines is closing several City facilities and modifying some services until early April to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As a result issuing of Marriage Licences has been suspended until further notice."

I looked up Kitchener's city website as well and it said "Kitchener City Hall, Kitchener Operations Facility (KOF) and the Kitchener Market, in addition to all city-run cultural, recreation facilities, playgrounds and skateparks are closed to the public. All city-run programming and activities are cancelled."

Keep in mind as you are making decisions that Canada has officially closed its National Parks till the end of April. I will be writing a whole post about the National Parks and what this closure means for weddings and will link it here. 

I hope this helps you navigate your options. To find more blog posts about the Coronavirus check out my blog here.

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