Nestleton Waters Inn Elopement | Guia + Jean Marc

A couple sitting on a pier at the edge of a pond at Nestleton Waters Inn after their elopement. Photographing elopements in Ontario.

Guia and Jean-Marc had a beautiful elopement at Nestleton Waters Inn. The inn is about 45 minutes past Toronto and, it truly feels like you are in the middle of nowhere, a true escape from the city. Nestleton Waters Inn has a beautiful property that includes gardens, a pond with two docks and a canoe and use of the farmer's field next door. There were so many photo opportunities on the grounds.

From the beginning, Guia and Jean-Marc talked about the importance of their elopement being about them. They wanted to focus on their relationship and commitment to each other. Their other focus was on nature. They told stories of their camping adventures and how having greenery and landscapes in their photos was important. An elopement at Nestleton Waters Inn included a lot of nature and the ability to find those spaces that made you feel like you were the only people there.

As I arrived at the inn, we received a tornado warning, a first for me, photographing an elopement during a tornado warning. We decided to go ahead with the elopement plans and keep an eye out for the weather. Luckily all the elopement plans were on or next door to the inn.

After their ceremony overlooking the pond, we went directly to the farmer's field, hoping to get all our photos before the rain started. The weather did not affect the joy and happiness of Guia and Jean-Marc on their elopement day. They only had eyes for each other some of my favourite photos were when they were looking at each other and enjoying the moment of being newlyweds.

From walking around cornfields to the trees surrounding the property and finishing off the wedding portraits walking around the pond, Guia and Jean-Marc were laughing and joking with each other the whole time.

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