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My Approach to My Business as a Canadian Elopement Photographer

Canadian Elopement Photographer: My Approach + My Why

As a Canadian elopement photographer, I love helping people, and for a long time, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do that for a career. Although photography had been a significant part of my life, I didn’t see it as a career right away. It wasn’t until I realized I could use my photography as a visual medium to show people how amazing they are; as individuals and as a couple.

I LOVE to help people really see themselves so that they feel empowered and inspired in their lives. Look, I love small weddings and elopements; they are my JAM. But it makes me sad when I talk to a couple who have never been photographed in a way that captures their personality and sense of self. I love celebrating my couple’s love stories, but I equally love capturing their unique personalities too.

Canadian Elopement Photographer: How I do this

I love to connect with people in meaningful ways, which means I am not just a vendor that will show up to photograph you and peace out. I am a photographer that wants to get to know you, laugh with you and help you plan your adventure. I am flexible and calm in stressful situations, I look for creative solutions when things don’t go according to plan, hello weather! Some of my all-time favourite photos happened in the rain.

One time at a friend’s wedding I helped make the boutonnieres, yep I am that girl, like jump in and help with whatever needs doing. I love to learn like I always need new bookcases for all the latest books, and I never stopped taking courses after I graduated.

I focus on JOY, and that means I am always trying to make you laugh and enjoy our time together. I believe real smiles are the ones that should be photographed and remembered for a lifetime.

To learn more about me and my photography experience I provide check out the about Chantal page.

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