Couple holding each other standing on a rock in front of a lake and mountain range. Kitchener Waterloo Wedding Photographer.

Lake Minnewanka Couple Session | Emma and Callum

Lake Minnewanka Couple Session might be my new favourite session. Typically I help couples pick out the location for their shoot based on what type of landscapes they want in the photographs. But this time, Emma and Callum were a huge help. I was spending a week in Banff National Park for the sole purpose of exploring, from the big known tourist destinations like Lake Louise and Moraine Lake to finding those smaller lesser-known locations that I could revisit with couples in the future

Emma and Callum were a huge help when finding Lake Minnewanka, Callum is a landscape photographer (check out his Instagram, it’s fantastic!!). So he knew that Lake Minnewanka would be a great spot to get some epic lake and mountain photos and boy was he right! This is definitely a spot I want to explore more because it has so much to offer and really isn’t far from civilization.

Emma and Callum love to travel and explore the world around them. Emma is from the East Coast of Canada and Callum is from Scotland. They both love to travel and were travelling around New Zealand when they met. As it turns out, Callum was planning to visit Canada next, so they started their next adventure exploring Banff together.

I was so excited to meet up with them on my trip. Emma and I had been talking about Banff in general, what outfits would look good with the season and our favourite coffee drinks, so I knew we would get along. And I am always excited to meet up with another photographer and talk about equipment, landscapes and astrophotography (a passion of mine and it turns out Callum as well).

Getting to explore a little slice of Banff with Emma and Callum was terrific. We talked, explored and laughed while walking around the lake, climbing on rocks, and enjoying the view of the mountains. You can see how much Emma and Callum care about each other and how they make each other laugh. I am so lucky that I got to photograph them.

Want a Lake Minnewanka Couple Session? Hit up the Contact Page. Want to see more photos from Banff? Check out Laura and Joshua’s Couple Session here.

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