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Hamilton Anniversary Photography Session | Cassie and Sascha

I was so excited for Cassie and Sascha’s Hamilton anniversary photography session. I was lucky enough to photograph Cassie and Sascha’s wedding in the Yukon (you can check out their wedding here). Committing to spend your life together with another person is a pretty fantastic thing, and it should be celebrated. Weddings are these amazing things that take a lot of time and focus. They almost feel like the end of a story; people meet, fall in love, decide to get married, plan a wedding, the end. But the reality is that weddings are not the end, they are a new beginning, a new chapter, one that is fantastic, full of adventure and pretty freaking difficult.

Marriage is hard work! And it should be celebrated, that is why I love to photograph married couples. Anniversaries are huge accomplishments, and I love to celebrate them with photo sessions. Cassie and Sascha had a Hamilton anniversary photography session.

Cassie and Sascha decided to celebrate their first year of marriage with a photo session, it would be their first full summer in the Niagara Region after moving from the Yukon back to Ontario. They wanted to spend their first summer chasing waterfalls and exploring Ontario together as a married couple. They are a couple that loves the outdoors, they hike and camp, have beach days and chase sunsets.

We decided to chase some waterfalls for their Hamilton anniversary photography session and explore the Hamilton area since they have so many waterfalls to explore. We decided to head to Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area. The day of their session, it rained, but being the outdoor enthusiasts, they didn’t let a bit of rain stop them. Although we had to change our waterfall chasing plans, we were able to explore the conversation area before the rain came. Although the weather wasn’t ideal, it made for vast moody skies, and I love photographing couples with a vast moody sky. Even when the rain came, Sascha and Cassie were great at rolling with the weather and having a great time playing in the rain.

You can’t help but see how much they love each other, from the way they look at each other and the way they make each other laugh. They are so easy to photograph because they forget that I am there so lost in enjoying each other’s company and exploring the nature around them.

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