Wedding Photography

I specialize in Small Wedding Photography and storytelling is an important part of the I document weddings. I have always been a big fan of stories. I love hearing about the adventure, the hardships and overcoming them, how adventures change people and their lives and how the endings are often just the beginning of another chapter. I look at small weddings this way, as capturing a moment in your story for you to remember.

I want your wedding photography to be a visual story of your special day. I am the photographer who will want alone time with the details, to capture the jewelry that you hand-picked or that family heirloom that has been passed down. I want time to photograph your dress in a beautiful window or against an impressive wall. I am the photographer who will blend in during those special moments with family and friends but will be front and centre when it comes time to take family photos, using my big voice to get people set up so your family can enjoy cocktail hour.

I am the photographer who loves the first moment you see each other, and will take fun, candid, emotional wedding party photos, but will be the most excited to capturing your first couple photos as husband and wife. The portraits you will send to family and friends, the pictures you will put on the wall of your first home and in the albums that you will show to your loved ones over the years. If you want photos that mirror your personality, that is full of emotion, laughter, romance and lots of movement; then, I am your photographer!

I will grab a couple posed photos for your parents, grandparents and the thank-you cards, but otherwise, I am going to get you both moving, laughing and kissing. I get to know you so that I can capture wedding photos of your personality, that reflect who you are as people and as a couple.

I am a Small Wedding Photographer based out of Ontario, serving the Niagara and Waterloo Regions, but I love to travel, so if your wedding is in another part of Ontario or across Canada, including British Columbia, the Yukon, Alberta or the east coast. Send me an email and let’s talk about your unique wedding details.

Wedding photos are returned to the couple in 45 days. Have any questions? Head over to the FAQ section under the info + FAQ section to have them answered. Ready to book wedding photography? Head over to the book me page to get started! 

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