In-Home Couple Photography Sessions Niagara and Kitchener, Ontario

We spend a lot of time in our homes; we spend time and money decoring our homes to create comfortable spaces. But they are also reflections of who we are as individuals and as a couple. So when you are thinking about getting photos that reflect yourself and your relationship, have you thought about an in-home couple photography session?

An in-home session means we hang out in your house. Do you love making coffee? Let’s do that! Do you like to cook or bake together? Great! Those are adorable photos. What about cuddling while watching a movie? Or reading? I love the images of couples having a pillow fight, cuddling in bed or having coffee in bed and talking to each other.

Do you love the idea of an in-home couple photography session but don’t have your dream place yet? I get that! I am in the same situation. If you still want an in-home session but not at your home, find an Airbnb that fits your style or is your dream house. You guys get a mini-getaway and photos in a place you love.

A couple of times a year I will arrange mini in-home sessions in an Airbnb, message me if you want to be put on the waiting list! Please let me know your location.

Recap: in-home couple photography sessions involve lots of laughter, tickling, playful and romantic moments that reflect your relationship.

In-home couple photography session photos are returned to the couple in 30 days. Have any questions? Head over to the FAQ section to have them answered. Ready to book the session? Head over to the contact me page to get started!

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