Engagements Photography

a man kissing his finances cheek in Waterloo park. Kitchener wedding photographer.

Engagement Photography is a great way to capture moments that represent your personality and your relationship together. The most important thing to me is that you are comfortable, laughing and enjoying yourselves. The majority of the time I am going to provide you with prompts that get you moving, reacting and being a bit goofy because those moments are the best ones. The ones that bring out the full belly laughter and those emotions that will not only make the session memorable but will bring your personality and feelings into the photos.

Engagements are such a special time, you are planning your future and dreaming of what you want your life together to be. I love capturing engagement photography because they get you comfortable in front of a camera. Not only that, but they also tend to be these special moments that are captured in the midst of planning a wedding. Wedding planning can be stressful and I love the fact that in the midst of that stress you have this fun engagement photography session that will get you moving, laughing and focused on why you are doing this in the first place because you love each other!

RECAP: the sessions will be fun and relaxed, they will involve music, I will get you moving and laughing, and you will see me smiling, shoulder shrugging and two-step dancing throughout the session.

Engagement photography sessions are returned to you in 30 days. Have any questions? Head over to the FAQ section under the info + FAQ section to have them answered. Ready to book the adventure? Head over to the book me page to get started!

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