Anniversary Sessions

a couple tickling each other during their anniversary pictures. Niagara wedding photographer

Anniversary pictures capture moments that represent your personality and your relationship together. Typically I capture people at the beginning of their love story, and that is so special, but there is something about photographing people who have been married a long time. People who have lived their lives together, grown into adults together, been through their fair share of struggles and blessing throughout the years. Couples who have created their version of families, who have travelled together and made a home together. There is a different kind of comfortability that couples who have been married for a while have with each other, a particular understanding of the other person that is so special.

Anniversary pictures are so important because we often forget to take photos throughout the years of marriage to document those unique moments within our lives together. This is something my family is guilty of and the last couple of years have reminded us of how important it is to have photos with the ones we love. That is why I emphasize anniversary pictures because choosing to go through life with one person is an amazingly difficult thing that should be celebrated and remembered for the rest of your lives.

The most important thing to me is that you are comfortable, laughing and enjoying yourselves. I want to tell your story in photos so that you can look back at them and think ‘Yes that is totally US!’ So while I might give you a couple of poses to get you comfortable, the majority of the time I am going to provide you with prompts that get you moving, reacting and being a bit goofy because those moments are the best ones. The ones that bring out the full belly laughter and those emotions that will not only make the session memorable but will bring your personality and feelings into the photos.

RECAP: the sessions will be fun and relaxed, they will involve music, I will get you moving and laughing, and you will see me smiling, shoulder shrugging and two-step dancing throughout the session.

Anniversary session photos are returned to you in 30 days. Have any questions? Head over to the FAQ section under the info + FAQ section to have them answered. Ready to book the adventure? Head over to the book me page to get started!

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