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Why do people get a couple photography sessions?

What are couple photography sessions?

Couple photo sessions are any photography session that is focused on two people in a romantic relationship.

Why do people get a couple photography sessions?

The most common reasons are things like engagement sessions, to celebrate the proposal, to share with family and friends, to send out save the dates and the celebrate being in love and planning a wedding.

Another common reason is maternity sessions, creating a child, bringing life into the world is such an amazing thing and should be celebrated and documented.

I love being able to photograph engagement sessions and maternity sessions but I also want to bring awareness to other reasons to get a couple photo sessions, the less common ones.

Why you should document your story throughout the years with couple photography sessions.

Anniversaries are such important milestones to celebrate because let’s be honest, relationships are hard work. Sharing your life with another person doesn’t come easily and I think we don’t always like to acknowledge that because things are always good or fine. But I think it’s a big deal when you get to celebrate another year of a relationship.

Why not celebrate surviving a hard year together? Those times that finances were hard but you got through it. That year you finally saved enough for a house, why know celebrate it with an in-home session? That year your relationship grew into a partnership, or you lost a job, changed careers, had trouble conceiving, none of those are easy things to navigate and get through in a relationship. So you made it through a tough time, together, celebrate it.

Are you planning a dream trip, somewhere you have always wanted to go? Are you going on your first vacation together? Or your first overseas trip together? Find a photographer and book a session. Think about it, how happy are you while travelling? Who wouldn’t want photos with those amazing backdrops of Australia, New Zealand, Bali or Iceland? You can check photographers travel schedule to see if they line up with yours, book them to travel with you or find a local photographer that knows the area to find those hidden gems.

Being able to have photos to look back upon that capture not only those big moments but the smaller moments too is a beautiful thing. I love the idea of looking back at photos and remembering those moments, excitement and joy. It is being able to remember growing old together and all the adventures that built up to your life together.

My point in all of this, is to celebrate your love and document it so you have something to look back on. I have seen the importance that photos can have when the person is no longer here with us. I don’t want you to wake up one day and realize you don’t have any photos together from the last 5, 10, 20 years. Time goes by quickly so make sure you take the time to enjoy each other and take some photos together.

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