How does the coronavirus affect the use of national, provincial and public parks in Ontario?

The Coronavirus and Ontario outdoor parks. What do you need to know about Canada's national and provincial parks and the coronavirus? If you have been planning or thinking about having a photography session, wedding photos, or an elopement in a public park, provincial park or national park they have officially been closed. Keep in mind, I am talking about provincial and public parks in Ontario.

Coronavirus and Ontario outdoor parks: Public parks in Ontario

Yesterday the Premier of Ontario announced a new emergency order closing the use of public or private communal outdoor spaces. To read everything that this new order includes, especially if you have kids, I have linked the article here. I will only be highlighting the closures that affect photography sessions, including weddings and elopements. This new order closes picnic areas, outdoor community gardens, condo parks and gardens, off-leash dog parks, beaches and playgrounds.

Coronavirus and Ontario outdoor parks: Provincial parks in Ontario

All Provincial Parks in Ontario are closed until April 30, 2020. This means roofed accommodations, camping including backcountry camping, and day-use areas. You can find out more information here.

Coronavirus and Ontario outdoor parks: National parks in Canada

"All Parks Canada facilities are temporarily closed, all visitor services and all motor vehicle access by visitors are suspended until further notice." This is taken directly from the Parks Canada website. This means that all National Parks are closed until further notice and they have closed the vehicle access as much as they can. They have closed all day-use areas, trails and even backcountry camping. They are asking people to stay home and not try to access the closed parks.

If you already had a trip planned, reservations, purchased passes they have all the information you need on their website, click here.

Coronavirus and Ontario outdoor parks: What is open? How can you use it?

According to the news release yesterday, "Green spaces in parks, trails, ravines and conservation areas that aren't otherwise closed would remain open for walkthrough access, but individuals must maintain the safe physical distance of at least two metres apart from others." This means that you can still keep out for a walk if you choose to. But this access to green space is meant for that only. This means that photography sessions of any kind cannot take place in these areas. All non-essential businesses are closed including photography businesses.

I love my job, I love that I get to photograph people in love, their wedding and elopement celebrations. I cannot wait until I get to photography my clients again. But it is so important right now that we work with government and healthcare professionals' recommendations. This means that my business will not be photographing clients until non-essential businesses can operate safely again. Thank you for your support and understanding at this time. For more articles related to weddings and the coronavirus, check out my blog.

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