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What is a post-wedding​ photography session? Bride and groom portraits​. Bride and bride portraits. Groom and groom portraits.

What are they?

Post-wedding photography sessions are when a couple (bride and groom portraits, bride and bride, groom and groom) get back into their wedding outfits and take more wedding photos typically in a different location than their wedding day. This can be done the next day, sometimes referred to as day after sessions. Or it can take place the following week, month or anytime in the future, sometimes it takes place on the couple’s honeymoon.

Why do couples want them?

There can be many reasons why a couple (bride and groom portraits, bride and bride, groom and groom) would want a post-wedding photography session. Sometimes it’s a timeline issue, you don’t want to have a first look, but you don’t have a lot of time between your wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. You have time to get the family photos, wedding party photos and come portraits but not enough time for all the portraits you want. A post-wedding photography session would fix that, you get time with your friends and family but still get all the wedding photos you want.

Another reason is location, sometimes couples want to get married in one location and have photos done in another. If the location is too far away or maybe it’s a hike, or you don’t want to risk getting dirty/sweaty before the reception. You might not want to hike on your wedding day but don’t mind hiking in your wedding dress afterwards (or changing once you finish the hike). I see this a lot when my couples have immediate family that have mobility issues, so they have their wedding in an easy to access location and have a post-wedding session in a location that they love but might take a bit of effort to get to. I have seen this with cottage weddings as well. I had a couple who wanted a really small relaxed cottage wedding, they set up the ceremony space in the morning, they got ready on-site (in separate rooms), and wanted to spend the whole day with their immediate families and not worry about leaving the property for photos. So we did all the wedding day photos on the property. This would be a scenario where it would be easy to set up a post-wedding session another day at a location they love to take more wedding portraits.

Getting post-wedding photos done on your honeymoon. How often do you go somewhere amazingly beautiful for your honeymoon? You spend time and money picking out a location that’s perfect for you, so why not get some photos done. Now you don’t have to get photos done in your wedding outfits on your honeymoon but wouldn’t it look amazing?! Photos in Costa Rica, or Banff or Muskoka? You can hire a local photographer or add a post-wedding session to your wedding package.

If you dream of having wedding portraits at your cottage wedding but also in the mountains, or at the beach. Maybe you want to have a small traditional wedding but would love some wedding portraits in the wilderness, or at a vineyard, or in the Bay of Fundy. Post-wedding portraits can be a perfect way for you to get all your dream wedding portraits without trying to fit everything into one-day or one location.

There are many reasons why a post-wedding photography session might be perfect for you. Happy wedding planning!

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