A couple enjoying a kiss in front of a barn at their backyard small wedding in Fonthill Ontario

Small Backyard Wedding | Fonthill, Ontario | Natasha & Colin

The Plan

Natasha and Colin knew they wanted a rustic-chic farm-themed wedding, and they had the perfect location picked out. Natasha’s parents live on a beautiful property in Fonthill, Ontario. From the time they got engaged in Banff, Alberta on a snowboarding trip, they talked about having a small backyard wedding in Fonthill, Ontario.

They went back and forth on the details, from the dates to the number of guests invited. Ultimately, they wanted to be surrounded by family, in a small backyard wedding in Fonthill, Ontario. When I asked Natasha about it later, she talked about the importance of spending time with family and about enjoying the day with each other. She didn’t want their wedding to become something bigger than their marriage and commitment to each other.

The Wedding Day

From the start their wedding wasn’t traditional and it was freaking amazing. I arrived to the family, including Natasha and Colin setting up the ceremony space in the backyard. Although it’s not tradition for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. I was happy to see them hanging out, working together and enjoying their wedding day from the beginning.

From hearing them talk about their wedding plans, I never doubted their love for each other but seeing their ceremony; from the excitement to the loving glances, to the laughter. It truly took my breath away watching these two people commit themselves to each other. Taking photos of them was easy because they were so in love and relaxed. I couldn’t get enough of photographing them. All of the photos happened in the backyard?!?!! We didn’t leave the backyard! Right freaking amazing!!!

They spent the afternoon with family, dancing and playing games before setting up their reception table. Yes, you read that right, they set up their reception table, and it was freaking gorgeous like Pinterest dream board. Dinner was filled with good food, laughter and family. Afterwards, we snuck away for some more photos, a perfect way to end a perfect day. This wedding was a dream to photograph, and I can’t wait to share the images with you. I love backyard weddings!

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